Lakota Crafters Blue Tipi Beaded Ornament by Faith Whitedress

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This beautiful beaded ornament is hand made with glass seed beads. The ornament features tipis on both sides and stars on the top and bottom. Inside the blue star on top is a button made from a shell called abalone. The strap is made from soft leather.

Faith Whitedress was born and raised on the Pine Ridge Reservation and she is a fluent speaker of the Lakota language. Faith first began her work as an artist when her high school math teacher helped her and her classmates learn business skills by creating and selling art. After that class, she was hooked. Art became a passion to her and a way of providing for herself and her family. Now, as a mother, she is passing knowledge and love of Lakota art to her children.

​Diameter: 2.5"
​Strap: 3.5"