GROW Nebraska Native Project

The goal is to Restore Human Dignity and Cultural Pride through economic development.

With funding from the SBA NAMEBS grant and USDA Rural Development, GROW Nebraska and partners, Lakota Hope Ministry and University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension, are providing Native American entrepreneurs with the tools they need to build a business that will be profitable and promote the cultural traditions of Native American art work and crafts.

The idea is simple and powerful - get area entrepreneurs to network and help each other become an organization recognized nationally for its marketing of Native American Art and crafts and use the same principal of networking and training to develop the secondary businesses that come with economic development.

To accomplish this, GROW Nebraska and partners are delivering business training and are assisting program participants in every aspect of marketing from purchasing raw materials to selling the finished products both locally and globally. Key objectives in this innovative, entrepreneur-focused program include entrepreneur to entrepreneur networking, focused training and assisted marketing through GROW Nebraska retail and Internet outlets. The program’s goal is to create a group of entrepreneurs who work together and support each other as they build scalable small businesses that will generate a livable income for the business owner and his/her family, create jobs and have a positive impact on Reservation residents.

     Lakota Meeting      Exchange Store

Left Photo: Well-known Lakota artist Joe Pulliam outlines plans for an upcoming 'Prayer and Peace' encampment event to be set up at Camp Justice along the reservation/Whiteclay border.  Local artists will be a part of the event which is aimed at bringing together Lakota and Nebraska residents in a cooperative way.

Right Photo: Shown are Faith White Dress and her sister, Delilah White Dress, 'shopping' in the GROW EXHANGE Store at Lakota Hope Ministry in Whiteclay, Nebraska.  Both ladies are skilled crafters and participate regularly in our GROW2gather program.

Actually, a person cannot purchase items in the EXCHANGE but instead receive 'coup points' (credits for participating in workshops, selling events and other activities) that are then traded for much-needed art and craft materials.  Here the ladies are picking out fabric to make either quilts or other handcrafts.

Raw materials such as beads, broadcloth/fabric, leather, feathers, wire clothes hangers, acrylic paints are always needed to re-stock the EXCHANGE.  Donations and/or craft store gift cards are much appreciated and can be mailed to:  GROW2gather P.O. Box 55, Whiteclay, NE  69365.