Lakota Crafters Large Raindrop Dream Catcher with Orange Accents by Dennis Whiteface

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The raindrop shape is formed using a young willow branch. the web is woven using sinew. The tassels are made with beige leather strips and are decorated with orange plastic pony beads. It is 11" by 5.75" with 7" long tassels.

According to Lakota tradition, when a Lakota leader went to the top of a mountain to receive a vision, Iktomi the trickster appeared to the man in the form of a spider. Iktomi made a hoop out of willow and then spun the web inside the hoop. Iktomi told the Lakota man that the web of this dream catcher would catch the good dreams and the bad dreams would slip away.

This dream catcher was made by Dennis Whiteface, a Lakota artist who lives on the Pine Ridge reservation.